Saturday, October 22, 2011

Right to the Minute

Alright, 'bout an hour before work here. I can bang this one out quick. I dropped a link on r/vinyl, my store has a sale this weekend. If you're in the Minneapolis metro area you should check it out. So, gots to get to work early, review time begins NOW!

Heidecker & Wood - Starting From Nowhere

Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric released this album on the Little Record Company label earlier this year. Pairing with the Tim and Eric composer, Davin Wood, the duo released an excellent tribute album to 70's soft rock.

The front of the jacket features a collage of oil paintings (actually I think it is a painting of a collage of paintings) of Davin and Tim's faces. There is a green oil brushstroke just above the band's name, I always thought it was an okra, should've looked closer.

The back of the jacket displays the track listing. The vinyl itself is standard weight with custom labels. It comes with a download card printed on xerox paper. The shrink wrap also had a sticker which I have preserved.

Musically, this album is liking listening to the shittiest 70's soft rock you can imagine, except it actually sounds good. The lyrics have a very "real" quality to them. Though they often are silly, they are always heartfelt. This is a great album to throw on with good friends and get drunk, singing your heart out. I've listened to it dozens of times, I fucking love it. Does humor belong in music? I think so.

For fans of Tim & Eric who also like 70's soft rock and own a turntable, this is a must buy. Granted, that is a fairly small target demographic, humorous in its own right. The album is well priced, under twenty dollars and comes with a digital download. Give it a listen on Grooveshark or some more nefarious means of previewing before purchasing though.

Time to sell shit.

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