Monday, October 31, 2011


I fucking did it guys. Finally, something I've wanted forever. Something seemingly unattainable and transcendent. I got the first.

Danava - Hemisphere of Shadows

Kemado is a great label that currently is host to a lot of great throw back rock. The Sword comes to mind immediately, but their label mates Danava deserve some of that credit as well. This album dropped earlier this month with a limited pressing of 1,000.

The front of the jacket show a somewhat disturbing piece of art. A skeletal figure clutches at the ankle of a human escaping through a crack. The colors are muddy and the lines are ill-defined. Definitely fits the feel and style of the album.

The back of the jacket shows a picture of the band, you could easily mix them up for an eighties thrash band or seventies heavy metal group. It also displays the track listing. The shrink wrap had a sticker which I have preserved. The vinyl itself is heavy weight with standard labels. The album also comes with a digital download. But what is that in the bottom right hand corner? Let's zoom in and see.

That's right motherfuckers! First! Fucking eat it! No one else is as cool as me now. First! Fucking First First First! That's right.

OK sorry.

Musically this album has a definite retro feel. The recording sounds analog, there are noticeable imperfections throughout. The vocals come through pretty well, though they sound kind of buried. All in all, this is a really good piece. The synthesizer parts are excellent and really break up the riffage.

I would recommend this album without hesitation to anyone with an interest in heavy metal. The price is really good even though the pressing is limited, so grab it up now if it tickles your fancy. I'll still have number 1 though, so fucking deal with it. First!

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